Welcome to the Somerset Model Airplane Club

Please read threw the SMAC By-laws, SMAC safety rules and AMA safety rules. Then fill out the application and sign the Annual SMAC Member Acceptance of Bylaws and Safety Rules. Once completed, place the completed application and signed Acceptance of the Bylaws and Safety Rules along with payment of due’s in an envelope and return it to an officer of the club. or mail to “Somerset Model Airplane Club P.O Box 814 Burnside, KY 42519” Please print a copy of the By-laws, Safety Rules, AMA Safety Code and Site Map for your records. Proof of AMA membership will be required before flying member applications will be processed. We thank you for your interest in our club


AMA safety rules

SMAC By Laws and Safety Rules

SMAC Member Acceptance of Bylaws and Safety Rules Sign Off

Somerset Model Airplane Club Application

AMA Updated Safety Handbook